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HOMEResearch Research Results
Working Paper
Working Paper
Topic Research Title
  • Voluntary Controllability and Validity of Explicit and Implicit Ethics Measures
  • Psychological Aspects of Korean Unification Revisited : Malleability of Explicit and Implicit Attitudes of   South Koreans
  • The Impact of South Koreans’ Attitude Toward Korean and Chinese on Intention of Collaborative   Behaviors : Malleability of Explicit and Implicit Ethnic Attitudes
Risk taking
  • Understanding Cross-cultural Differences in Risk : Toward Localized Globalization
  • Psychological and Behavioral Characteristics of Financial Engineering Major Students
  • Implicit and Explicit Trust Building Toward a Leader in Korea and China
  • Informational Justice and Job Burnout in Korea: The Mediating Role of Trust
  • Trust in the Leader-follower Relationship and its Antecedents and Outcomes
  • The Role of Disposition to Trust in a Formal Mentoring Relationship
Working Paper
Year Research Title
  • Park, J.,& Kim, D-Y.(2011). Informational and reputational influences in stock investment decisions :
    Forward vs. backward herd behavior of disposed and anti-disposed effect investors. 
    Risk and Decision Analysis, 2(4), 257-270
  • Jang, D.& Kim, D-Y.(2010). The influence of host cultures on the role of personality in the acculturation of exchange students. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 34(4), 363-367.
  • Kim, D-Y.,& Park, J.(2010). Cultural differences in risk : The group facilitation effect. 
    Judgment and Decision Making, 5(5), 380-390.
  • Hong, G-H. and Yoon, J. (2010). A Study on Reciprocal Embeddedness between Social Equity in the Society and Distributive Justice in Organizations. Korean Academy of Organization and Management, 34(4), 111-138.
  • Son, S. (2010). The Impact of protégés’ Trust on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in Formal   Mentoring Relationships. Journal of Human Resource Management Research, 17(2), 29-47.
  • Jang, D.& Kim, D-Y.(2009). Two faces of human happiness : Explicit and implicit life satisfaction. 
    Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 12(3), 185-198.
  • Hong, G-H., Cho, Y-H., and Lee, C-J. (2010). The Moderating Effects of Emotional Leadership on the  Relationship between Perceived Job Characteristics and Organizational Effectiveness:  A Case of Call Center Employees. Korean Academy of Organization and Management, 17(3), 1-39.

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