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1. Required courses
Students have to take 4 required subjects related to research method, business statistics, accounting management to solidify research knowledge for diverse business related issues, regardless of specialized major. Those 4 subjects are also prerequisite courses to register to other required subjects.

2. Required and elective courses of Ajou university
Students can take subjects which are helpful for research performance directly or indirectly (Master: 4 subjects, Doctoral: 14 subjects, Combined: 12 subjects, respectively). Students also may take classes in other departments or universities if those are recognized as beneficial for student’s research and credits would be approved.

3. Required and elective subjects of University of Eastern Finland
Students who participate in exchange program or DDDP may autonomously register courses at partner university (University of Eastern Finland) after consultation with a supervisor and credits of those subjects would be approved according to consideration of class hours.

※ Students are required to choose either G1(behavioral finance seminar 1, behavioral finance seminar 2) or G2(Global management 2, Strategic management).

Credit Requirements
Classfication Division Course title Track Credit/ Hour Subject number
Required Global Management Global business statistics All 3/3 GM601
Research methodⅠ All 3/3 GM602
Global managementⅠ All 3/3 GM604
Brownbag seminar all 0/1 GM605
Behavioral finanace seminarⅠ G1 All 3/3 GM606
Behavioral finance seminarⅡ All 3/3 GM607
Global managementⅡ G2 All 3/3 GM608
Strategic management All 3/3 GM609
Elective Global management Financial accounting seminar All 3/3 GM603
Global management seminarⅠ All 3/3 GM610
Global management seminarⅡ All 3/3 GM611
Global management seminarⅢ All 3/3 GM612
Global management seminarⅣ All 3/3 GM613
Global human resource management All 3/3 GM614
Global human resource development All 3/3 GM615
Global management and IT All 3/3 GM616
Globalization and emerging market researchⅠ All 3/3 GM617

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