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GM601 Statistics for Global Management Science

Business Statistics Course for Global Business Administration graduate students learning basic statistical knowledge and a variety of papers investigating statistically relevant for the study of global management in order to strengthen the scientific analysis of the management of post-graduate students, research capabilities. Write a research proposal for students who have an interest in the field of reporting it through also written research papers to publish.

GM602 Research Method I

Through this course, students will learn the research methodologies for performing a behavior management research. Students can expect the effects of three important learning. First, Second, the ability to set effective use of experimental and survey research methods, skills, scientific and scholarly that can ensure the validity of the hypothesis for the study of behavior management, student research topics related to the field of research methodology appropriate application and existing academic ability to analyze the scholarly criticism of the methods used in the paper and on the merits.

GM603 Financial Accounting Seminar

Business Global language of financial accounting principles and methods for this seminar is to study. Start with the framework that the underlying financial statements of financial accounting principles and concepts, including courses organized by studying the ethics of accounting and corporate accounting. Finally, the analysis and interpretation of financial statements, and financial currently facing issues analysis.

GM604 Global Management I

Of overseas Korean companies have been actively How local companies in business? Accordingly, it has been a key factor in the success of overseas markets. In this course, the analysis of the framework and practices to understand the difference between the country and the home country in order to enter a successful local business environment, and want to learn. Management and Organizational Behavior This course specifically looks through the illuminating cross-cultural perspective. Management, particularly in an environment in which the internationalization features for a variety of national and cultural backgrounds with progressive organization and in the organization of the individual, group, and organizational behavior management methods and theories, students will learn. For this purpose, the fusion of Personality and Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Management theory, in terms of academic subjects tries to access. Student organization composed of members with diverse cultural backgrounds and ultimately effectively operating and managing the development and the ability to move and how to think about the strategies that can be sublimated into synergies for the organizational performance developed learning for the main purpose of is based.

GM605 GM Brownbag Seminar

This seminar will introduce graduate students to the latest research trends in the field of behavioral finance and global management, behavior management, global management. You can also receive guidance and feedback that can be released to the research topic of their students and provide opportunities to develop more of my own research fellow and professor in the Department of Especially for the excellence of students in research activities by inviting experts and scholars in related fields, and to have the opportunity to learn enough flexibility in operating.
More than six semester seminar Brownback in order to meet the graduation requirements of the Graduate School of Global Business Administration at least four semesters Masters, Dr. need to complete, and after that to attend graduate courses during the ongoing actively encourage.

GM606 Seminar in Behavioral Finance I

Copper process is equivalent to the first two series of seminars on behavioral finance. The basic understanding of the impact of human psychological realm that exists outside the bounds of rationality in financial decision-making process for the purpose of copper. In the first step, learn about the basic theory of behavioral preference theory, such as the Prospect Theory approach. Emotional, and cognitive errors and psychological biases, such as investors' behavioral characteristics based on preference theory on the basis on investment decision-making and what is taught in the debate about whether the relationship. Review Communities Act, the inefficiency of the market, price error, etc. Furthermore, from the perspective of behavioral finance. Mandatory to develop and announce the results of the review of the relevant literature on the research topic, students must submit the results of research.

GM607 Seminar in Behavioral Finance II

Copper process, recent behavioral finance behavioral finance seminar series on the second course covers topics Accomplished classroom lectures, presentations, and discussions. Dong, the main topic of the seminar Prospect theory recently introduced in the field of theoretical performance, the impact of clustering effects on the behavior of investors, investors' behavioral tendencies, including Mandatory, as in the first seminar students to develop and announce the results of the review of the relevant literature on the research topic, the research results must be submitted.

GM608 Global Management II

Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motor, the enterprise representing Korea. These global firms are business management in only one country, but like any other multinational companies (eg, Sony and Toyota) overseas competitors to respond to customers around the world with several factories overseas sales subsidiaries in conjunction can not be forced to integrated management. In this process that occurs in the microscopic Management and Local Employee's relationship with the national / cultural differences due to problems of organizational effectiveness, and how multinational companies in the global market integration is going to efficient management environment macroscopic analysis and product development, production and procurement activities will be described Should In particular, we want to focus on the world market and environmental analysis, strategy development and strategic management courses. System in it, cross-cultural approach to organizational behavior, global human resource management and development, and strategic management theory and comprehensive Global Management System will be presented for Best Practice in various global management practices and successfully described systematically.

GM609 Strategic Management

Companies' business environment is rapidly changing, complex, and comprehensive and Situational integrated thinking and activities of corporate management activities are growing in importance. Process these situations correspond and integrated activities in corporate management, strategic thinking rather than the functional unit has been thinking yohage Several corporate practices and the theoretical basis of the Strategic Management and Best Practice In this course, firms competitiveness in the long-term perspective, focusing on key issues, in response to environmental changes needed to respond integrated management strategy that is defined as the basic paradigm to explain the center.

GM6010 Seminar in Global Management I

This seminar is a global management and related research in various fields deepening the discussion about the cultural perspective of advanced management theory, advanced methodologies, behavioral decision making, Strategic Management, Advanced Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development other related topics as subjects.

GM6011 Seminar in Global Management II

This seminar is also able to produce the information I learned from the seminar as a global business global management seminar I followed the second course, or the student's research topic to perform the actual research and development as a process of capacity building global management through research and scholarly papers aims to develop the ability.

GM6012 Seminar in Global Management III

This seminar major professor's research interests and curriculum content and students of the subject as a third of the global management seminar series offers a wide variety can be. The main educational objectives, which could help in the study of students consists of the ability to produce and research capacity building and an academic paper aims to develop. In particular, the main academic research focuses on the content of the behavioral finance perspective.

GM6013 Seminar in Global Management IV

This seminar is the fourth in a global series of management seminars as major professor's research interests and curriculum content and students of the subject offers a wide variety can be. The main educational objectives, which could help in the study of students consists of the ability to produce and research capacity building and an academic paper aims to develop. In particular, the main academic fusion research of behavioral finance and behavioral management perspective focuses on the content.

GM6014 Marketin Models Doctoral Seminar

Global organizations to manage human resources in this course is intended to provide time to introduce and discuss the important issues you need to know the essential About each country, differences in organizational strategy and effective human resources management system, and in particular, as examining the global characteristics of the organization and strategy of differentiation specifically to discuss. Look about the intrinsic factors that are at the core of global human resource management (strategy, organization, configuration, etc.) and extrinsic factors (policy, politics, and social factors), human resource management policies and practices that will have the biggest impact on the cultural factors, etc. are also looking as a global human resource management more in-depth so that you can understand.

GM6015 Global Human Resource Development

Macroeconomic course and also at the micro level global understanding on human resource development to help was opened. Take the time to discuss countries of human resources in the development of policies and programs that affect the economic, social, and cultural influences on and from a variety of case examples from various countries of the world, including Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, will Global human resource development and related concepts, the class will examine the theoretical structure models, and also environmental factors, cross-cultural issues as well to mention. In addition, the global human resource development program, practice, global enterprise, or of multinational corporations in the global human resource development to discuss. Finally, the global human resources associated with the recent trends in the development of some of the theory and application on the subject will be discussed ..

GM6016 Global Management and Information Technology

IT is one of the factors that play an important role in the global process. Concern for the international coverage of IT and global information systems is increasing. Continue This from a global perspective and its role in the recent trend of IT and related courses will be examined. Of the politics and culture of the organization, including comprehensive information on the global situation, rather than simply on the use of IT to contain only this. Specifically, the content of the information to help in the global business systems, wireless technologies, technology diffusion, and technology infrastructure and regulatory and through this a little more in-depth understanding of the relationship between IT and global management can help will give Recent trends associated with global business and IT through this course also be discussed.

GM6017 Globalization and Emerging Market I

Against a foreign country, minding my own business and enterprise management, and academic research in a foreign country, whether the performance of the unique culture and history of the area entirely appropriate for understanding, and depends on the localization of the participants can be seen. Language acquisition Granted, the system of truth is not only practical skills required by learning need to be understood in light of this. Worldwide (global) dimension of corporate management about the world of humans and a variety of cultural understanding, and build it based on the foundation of sincere cooperation requirements. To this course in accordance with the consciousness of these issues in depth information about the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), or MIST (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey) represent overseas emerging markets (emerging market) ' seeking a broader understanding of learning and to explore the possibility of the so-called 'stomach hierarchical inter-regional dialogue' (non-hierarchical cross-regional dialogue).
In addition, this course between the countries of the periphery, the core countries of the capitalist system and to recognize trends and economic dimensions as well as a comprehensive political and cultural dimensions of globalization, a phenomenon known as multi-layered interaction by focusing on the complex and flexible mechanism would like to try for a comprehensive approach.

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