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Comprehensive examination

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Master or Doctoral degree students of global management are supposed to finish all the required credits in two years (four semesters) at minimum. Students in integrated(combined) track of master-doctoral program can finish all the required credits in three years (six semesters) at minimum.

Comprehensive examination
Degree Required
GM Brownbag Total
Master’s 24 6 0 30
Doctoral 60 9 0 69
54 9 0 63

※ Doctoral degree students can obtain a maximum 24 credits from what she/he got credits in master degree program.

Features of requirements of Global Management

  1. 1. Selection of required subjects based on fundamental research method subjects in business for facilitation of high level of research of students.
  2. 2. Building up elective subjects so that students selectively take courses that enable students to improve their expertise of research.
  3. 3. Students may get credits from subjects taken in other departments or universities if an academic supervisor permits. In addition, approved. Credits that students obtained through exchange program or dual degree program of global management would also be
  4. 4. Brownbag program of global management is a required subject with zero credit to give opportunities to students to track progress of their research projects. Students who already took this class can participate in autonomously from next semester.

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