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The department of global management provides well-designed education curriculum for students to learn recent and cutting-edge global management knowledge to effectively manage organizations and to professionally understand diverse social and cultural background in the world. In addition, the department of global management aims to nurture internationally competent managers and researchers who can comprehensively interpret and practically use both basic and applied science such as business administration, psychology, humanities, sociology, behavioral management, decision making, and finance. Students majoring in global management can expect to become future oriented global leaders who leads international society through global cultural-academic exchange, to develop their global competitiveness and capability, and to have a change of getting a job in national and international market by receving international dual master-doctoral degree. To be specific, the department of global management is running master-doctoral dual degree program with University of Eastern Finland (UEF, located in Finland, which is one of the most advanced educated countries) and University of International Business and Economics (UIBE, which is an excellent business-economics school in China). This dual degree program will be an unique and strong advantage of the department of global management and plans to extend the program with more diverse universities in the near future are underway.

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