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Advantage of Global Management department

The department of global management aims to cultivate people, who can interpret and use research results of diverse basic and applied science such as business administration, psychology, sociology, behavioral management, decision making, finance, and marketing to equip them with the skills to effectively manage a new type of organizations that consist of different racial, cultural backgrounds with a manner of rationality and respect for humanity. In order to do that, the department of global management is making human network and globalized research teams with a group of foreign universities and countries, based on DDDP.

The department of global management has two specialized majors as below.

  • Behavioral Management
    Students in behavioral management study cross-cultural comparison, international organization management, global leadership for effective activation of firms and international consumer behavior, marketing management and so on in order to make a quick response from needs of customers. Students in behavioral management are expected to become experts and researchers of global cross-cultural management.
  • Behavioral Finance
    Students in behavioral finance do not focus on mathematical analysis. Rather, they emphasize on studying a variety of decision-making related problems in financial organizations with psychological and behavioral approach.

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